Many are the times that in the past that I found myself having trouble with the blue tooth devices on my windows vista. Making it even worse was the fact that I could not be able to establish what exactly was wrong with the devices. It was really frustrating. This will then help to explain why I was overjoyed when I learned how to troubleshoot the blue tooth devices and get to the bottom of the problem. I bet that most of you face a similar problem like the one I had and would love to know how to go about the problem.

Whats the trick?

The tricks and tips for the blue tooth devices are so many. The normal user will want just to fix the device and make it perform the action that he wants done at the moment. However, this is not advisable. You should rather learn the trouble shooting tips to be able to get to the bottom of the problem like I did. I certainly did not regret doing so. I will share with you how I was able to trouble shoot. Here are some of the steps I followed

How do I do it?

The first step would be to check that the device is actually on. Also ensure that it has batteries that you are sure still got power in them. Preferably buy new batteries. This is to establish if power is actually the problem that we have or not. Many might think that this step is not that important but you might be surprised to learn that the problem was actually just power. If you cannot buy batteries you can test the ones you have using a battery tester. This will establish if they got power.

If the batteries are good and the device still is working then you should come to this step. You should check twice the details regarding the device. Many of the products have different directions of use and set up since they are from different manufacturers and that’s why they come with their own manuals. There are usually very little differences between the devices but that might be the problem. For example your device might have two power switches unlike the ordinary. This is why you need to read the details. If you bought the device second hand you should not worry where you will get the device. You can just look it up on the internet.

If you still do not find the problem you can then go ahead to this step. You can start afresh by removing the Bluetooth device and then reading it. To remove it just go to the control panel and choose the option for hardware and click on blue tooth devices. You then click remove the hardware. You then add it back if it was completely gone. The install wizard will help you with the set up. It will be really easy if this is not the first time you have set it up.

If the problem persists then you should seek for professional help.