Windows Live Meeting is a free tool provided by Microsoft to hold and manage business meeting on your computer.  This gives the functionality to meet, chat and share desktop of your co-worker and work together to share ideas and concepts. Live Meeting can also be used to show your presentation and edit files even on a remote location. It is mainly designed to manage the need for a corporate user where mobility is an obstacle to meet your clients, boss or co-workers.

Here are some of the basic issues and their solutions which you can face while using Windows Live Meeting tool:

Steps to perform when you are not able to open Windows Live Meeting application:


Make sure that you use your own account in Windows Live Meeting and not by any guest account.


Go to start menu and choose the “All programs” option from the list. Now select the option “Windows Contacts”. This step is generally performed to make sure that all the operational folders are working fine.


Now go to Start button and click on Computers and open the C drive from Windows Explorer. Right click on C driver letter which will open a pop-up list of various options. Select ‘Properties’ from the same pop-up list and make sure that you at least have 12 MB of free space in your C drive. If not, then perform Dick clean up to free some space from the drive.


Make sure all the required service, for Windows Live Meeting, are running in the background.  Go to Start menu, and then Control panel. Select the ‘System Maintenance’ and select the ‘Administrative tools’. Now click on ‘Services’ tab and enter the user name and password. This will show you the list of services install on you computer and you need to make sure that the following services are started and runnig:

1.       Peer Name Resolution Protocol

2.       Peer Networking Grouping

3.       Peer Networking Identity Manager

4.       DFS Replication

Steps to perform when you cannot find or join Meetings:


Make sure that you enter the correct credentials for login into Live Meeting.


You can also ask the meeting generator to check setting on his/her side that the meeting visibility is on or not.


Sometime firewall also blocks any incoming or outgoing request on the network. Check that the Live Meeting application is allowed under Firewall settings.

Audio problem in Live Meeting:


Login to Live Meeting console as n Administrator and in the top menu and select the “Voice and Video” option. Now go to “Set up Audio and Video.”  And follow the instructions as it appears.


You need to finish entire complete setup wizard and insert appropriate information so that the audio and video facility can be availed by all the users in the meeting.

These are very simple steps which can help you to tackle any issues with Windows Live Meeting.