The gateway through which you can access your computer programs, folders and other settings is the Start Menu. A very reasonable question that might arise in the context of the tart menu in the minds of the user is that why is it associated with the term menu in the firs place. It is termed as Start Menu because it provides a list of options just like the menu card of a restaurant does. Start as usual refers to the opening, as mostly through the start menu new things are opened.

Functions of the start menu

There are a variety of functions that happens to be performed by the start menu. The most common among them are the following.

  • The most popular function of the start menu is usually to open programs.
  • Another very common performed function by the start menu is the opening of regularly used folders.
  • The arguably the most useful function of the start menu is that of searching, file, folders and other programs. This helps a user in a great way in saving time  and locating the needed programs or    folders.
  • Computer settings that require to be changed and adjusted can also be done with the help of start menu.
  • Getting help with the Windows operating system is also a useful function of the start menu.
  • Another extremely important and notable function of the start menu is to turn off the computer.
  • Finally the start menu enables a person to switch off from windows and switch to a different user account.

How to get started with Start Menu

If you are new with Windows and unaware of how to use the start menu, here is some useful information for you regarding the same.

To open the start menu you must begin with clicking the start option in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. Or you might press the logo key on the keyboard, whichever you feel comfortable in doing.

The start menu has three basic parts .The large left pane shows a shortlist of programs on your computer. The exact appearance of the list may vary for your computer manufacturer can customize the particular list. Clicking all programs will show a list of programs. At the lower left corner, you will find the search box that would enable you find them by typing just a few letters of the folder or the file you intend to find. The right plane of the start menu provides you with commonly used folders files,settings and other features. It is also where a user logs off from windows or turn off his computer.

On of the most important function of the start menu is to open installed programs on your computer. All you got to do in order to open a new program click on the left pane of the start menu.

The above is a synopsis of how the start menu works in windows work. , using this information you can work with the start menu of your computer.