The new trend in web technology comes along with the new ideas of web design. With the advancement in web design technology the face of World Wide Web get a revolutionary change. Tag Cloud was one of the most popular applications which is characterized in the revolutionary period of web design. The way of data representation use by the Tag cloud application was unique. It uses the different font sizes and colors to highlight relevance of tags. Along with the advancement in web support, Tag cloud lacks somewhere. Here, I am going to discuss some of the common problems faced with the usage of Tag clouds and their troubleshooting.

Sometimes tag clouds are not found to be useful in browsing a website. In such cases, a well organized search engines or navigation bars is better option to browse and find that you need on a website. In my personal opinion, tag clouds work fine only with a small number of tags. But if there is a big list of tags then it is very difficult to read and search for the content. Such a big list of tag can trouble your mind and confuse you. So its quite simple to search a specific content in a search engine. Apart from this the web links you get in the tags are sometimes not useful. Generally you search for specific information from the web but the tags will not provide you the specific information. So, I conclude that it’s always better to go for a search engine instead a tag cloud. The problem regarding the redundancy in tag clouds is widespread on web. The major cause of the redundancy is the lack of content optimization. A better optimization of the tag content could resolve this issue but still it is a major issue with the usage of Tag cloud. Apart from this better organization of the contents also avoid the use of “misleading” tag clouds. Another important issue regarding tag cloud is that users don’t read every tag to search the content. It will take a lot of time to go through every tag to find out your desired tag for specific information. This issue discourages the use of Tag cloud as it takes attention only to few keywords. The keywords with bigger font size is highlighted while the keywords with small letters get ignored by the user. In this way, the users find difficulty to grab the information.

Finally, I conclude that tag clouds are not really useful. They are not the necessary elements for easier web browsing. I personally suggest not to use the Tag clouds and avoid them as much you can. Adopting other solutions like search engine links are good alternatives. A well organized website with search engine and navigational bars attracts user a lot instead of using Tag clouds. So, search engine bars and navigation links in a website are best alternative for Tag clouds.