Have you tried playing a media file on your system that was preconfigured with Windows 7? And you failed, right? Basically a media file is Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected or Zune DRM protected. When a new computer is preconfigured with Windows 7, it is done using image based Windows deployment technology. The Zune DRM systems and the Window Media DRM systems get affected by the image based Windows deployment technology used for installation of Windows 7.

If you want to play the  Windows Media DRM protected file or a Zune DRM protected file on your system, you will have to reset the DRM systems using the ResetDRM tool. Follow these simple steps and get the media files playing on your system with ease.

·         Firstly, you need to check if the Windows Media DRM and Zune DRM is functioning properly. To find out, download a sample media file and save it on your system. Make sure you have a file that needs the full functionality of the Windows Media DRM and Zune DRM systems. You can get a file from the Microsoft web site itself.

·         Open the file and try playing the file. You may be prompted to upgrade the Windows Media Player component. If so, you should always go for an upgrade.

·         You may otherwise receive an error message that prompts about the media usage rights. You can now go for the ResetDRM tool.

The  ResetDRM tool will remove all the present Windows Media DRM licenses and Zune DRM licenses from the present Windows installation. Hence, you should use the ResetDRM tool only if all the media files i.e the Windows Media DRM and Zune DRM protected files cannot be played on your system. After the ResetDRM process, you will need to get the DRM licenses for the Windows 7 system all over again. To use the ResetDRM tool, follow the following steps:

1. First of all download the ResetDRM tool from the Microsoft web site and save it on your system.

2.  Run the ResetDRM.exe file by right clicking on it. You should RUN as administrator so that you have the privilege to reset the Windows Media DRM and Zune DRM systems.

3. Try playing a media file that need the Windows Media DRM and Zune DRM systems to be functional. If you are able to play the file, you have resolved your problem. It is advisable to delete the ResetDRM.exe to avoid clicking it by mistake. If you still encounter a problem, you may contact customer support for Windows operating system.