A Keyboard is a collection of various input keys and can be termed as computer typewriter which are used to prepare documents and provide various important commands to computer. There have been huge improvements in keyboard development and there are various types of keyboard available in the market like wireless keyboard, USB keyboard, etc and apart from that there are also alternative input devices like touch screen monitors, pen devices but none of it can reduce the importance of a keyboard. However at times you might need to use some the alternate to provide keyboard command like on-screen keyboard. On-screen keyboard is a visual representation of the physical keyboard which appears on the computer screen and a user can use a mouse or pen device to use the on-screen keyboard. This is an in-built tool for all major Windows operating system and very useful for the people with mobility impairments and also for the people who are not good at typing. This feature has evolved more with the latest Windows operating system, Windows 7.

In Windows 7, on screen keyboard can also predict the word you are willing type.

Here are some of the basic steps to use and enable the on-screen keyboard:

Step1. Enable On-Screen Keyboard:

The first and very simple step is to enable on-screen keyboard is by selecting on-Screen keyboard option from the Start Menu. The will enable the virtual keypad on your screen. You will need to go to All Programs, then select Accessories and click on Ease of Access. Here you will have the option of on-Screen keyboard.

Step2. Customize the options to use On-Screen keyboard:

On-Screen keyboard can also notify with audio. You can get sound whenever a key is pressed. This is very useful and clears the confusion if the key pressed each time.

You can also enable numeric keys in on-screen keyboard to take the full use of the virtual keypad. Lastly, you will need to enable the text prediction for on-screen keyboard. It show the list of possible words which you are trying to type.

Such simple steps can allow you to work on computer without using physical keyboard. You can also set the on-screen keyboard to load at the startup which will load the virtual keyboard every time you restart the computer.