Microsoft really has gone too ahead of others in Windows Vista and Windows 7 by releasing the new Aero theme. Though this theme requires special configuration but it really is an eye candy for its users. You definitely can tease other users who do not have such theme or if their computer cannot support the Aero. The glossy look introduced by Microsoft as Aero has been adopted by many afterwards. This look leaves an impression and adds delicacy and elegance to the appearance of your desktop. Aero theme focuses on the colors, their sharpness, luminescence and their transparency, but unfortunately there is not much you can play around with these in Windows. If you go to the personalize section of Windows in Vista or in Windows 7 then the most you can do is to change the color of the Windows and set the transparency of the same. There can be many other settings which can be altered but Microsoft has not given the interface for the same in its operating systems. Whatever the reason may be but we have to play only with the color and the transparency level until we use some third party tool for making additional customization or we dig into the Windows Registry to experiment with the values.

Step1: Make the registry back-up

If you do not want to fiddle with the registry on your own then search on the internet of what more you want out of Windows Aero theme. You will find several tweaks and utilities which you can try – at your own risk. Every aspect and visible or non visible feature of Aero theme is controlled by the Windows Registry so please make sure that you have set a latest restore point before trying any tweaks or tools on your computer for making it look better, because accidently you might end up making your computer look dead.

Step2: Use third party tools

I researched on the internet and one tool which I found quite promising was the Aero Tuner. Though even this tool could not do much but along with the changes which can be made from within Windows there was an extra slider for adjusting the Blurriness of transparent portions of the Window. This tool has a pretty simple interface and has options for making all the other changes which you can make in Windows.

Step3: Customize  Color, brightness and transparency

You can adjust the colors, their brightness and contrast, transparency level of the glossy portion and the blurriness. On moving the slider towards left the text on the background appears more clear and sliding it towards right makes it to blur.

Step4: Apply the changes

This tool applies the changes as you change the values. The Apply button is ideally of no use. There is no way to get back to your previous settings and the easiest way out is to apply basic Aero themes from Personalization Windows in Control Panel. After using this tool I really wondered that are there additional changes possible or not, because if they were possible somebody somewhere would have developed a utility to make all such changes in Aero.