There may be several reasons for visual elements to be turned off automatically in Windows 7. Visual elements such as transparency of windows, usually claims considerable amount of system resources. Although visual elements are important in maintaining an optimized mindset while working, the importance of visual effects and themes are minute compared to the use of the system.

Incompatible program

Some programs may be incompatible with Aero themes and/or particular visual elements within. In such case some visual elements or Aero themes may be turned off automatically. If this was to happen, the elements will be turned back on automatically once the incompatible program is closed. If a loss of visual elements settings were experienced, an initial test could be performed by closing any program that are running on the system. Any Conflicting program could be identified in a similar fashion.

Save power

When it comes to notebooks, Windows 7 might turn off visual elements in a low battery mode. Windows 7 is configured to act on saving power in every possible method, just as in previous Windows versions. However the automatic turning off of the visual elements are unique to Windows 7 just as the visual elements and Aero theme itself. Its a wise move to include Aero themes and visual elements within less significant components list, in order to extend the stand by time of the laptop battery.

Display configurations

Changes in display configurations can cause Aero themes and visual elements to stop working. Basically anything related to display, both software and hardware components, have to be met with minimum recommendations for using Aero themes and related visual elements. Screen resolution, monitor setup and video cards are just a few good places to look for changes.

Hardware components

Hardware components related to the display can cause serious issues in running Aero themes. If such issues are detected within any hardware, visual elements might be turned off automatically or perhaps the whole theme could be changed back to basic. Hardware issues are the most difficult to troubleshoot when it comes to issues related to visual elements.

Limited system memory

When the system memory becomes full with many open applications within the system, Aero themes might get turned off in order to optimize the potential of system resources towards rest of the open programs. However when this happens, it becomes obvious why the theme has been turned off and eliminates the requirement for a further troubleshooting process.

While there are many reasons that affect Aero themes and visual elements in Windows 7, they usually are turned back on automatically once the affecting issues have been resolved. If in any case Aero themes do not get turned on automatically, it can be done manually by selecting a theme from ‘Aero Themes’ under ‘Change Windows Colors and Metrics’. Windows Color options can be accessed by searching for ‘Windows Color’ within the system control panel.