Norton Antivirus program is used for detecting and deleting viruses or any another malicious program that may cause malfunctioning of your computer. It removes viruses once it detects them while running a system scan. It checks whether the files are coming from a reliable source and stops new malware faster than others. It is a less sophisticated security software using several overlapping layers of protection working together to stop viruses, spyware and other online attacks. It also provides updates every 5-15 minutes that protect against the latest threats without slowing down your computer. Its SONAR 2 Behavioral Protection monitors your PC for suspicious behavior to quickly detect new online threats. An emergency CD/DVD/USB is created by Norton Bootable Recovery Tool to back you up and keep you running even if your PC has become too infected to start up. Boot detection blocks the automated programs used by cybercriminals to take control of your computer, steal your private information, and to send out spam and launch attacks on other PCs. Its Worm protection feature protects your PC against fast-spreading Internet worms. You will get a warning before downloading a file or application that is dangerous for your computer. You will also get detailed information about the files found on your computer, including its source.

Auto-Protect is one of the security features of Norton Antivirus program. It launches automatically when the computer is started. This feature is useful in keeping your computer secure from any malware, virus or Trojan horses. Sometimes it may happen that this feature is disabled. If this is the case, you are running the risk of making your computer prone to all kinds of malicious programs and loosing important data. So it is not advisable to turn off the antivirus program on your computer. Turn on the Auto-Protect feature in Norton Antivirus program as soon as you can so that your computer remains secure and you don’t have to repent for not taking steps on time.

Now we will see how we can turn on this feature of Norton Antivirus program on your computer. To do this, follow the step by step instructions given below.

Step 1: To launch the Norton Antivirus program, double-click on its icon present on the desktop of your computer. If you have installed Norton Internet Security or Norton SystemWorks on your computer, then you will find Norton Antivirus program as a part of Norton Security or Norton SystemWorks. In that case you need to start Norton Security or Norton SystemWorks  on your computer by double clicking on it.

Step 2: Go to Options menu and click on it. Choose Norton Antivirus and then click on Auto-Protect present in the System section.

Step 3: Now you go check the Run at System Startup or Load Auto-Protect at startup option. These options are different for different versions. Click OK so that the changes you have made are saved. After that you need to restart your computer. This way the alterations you have done to the Norton Antivirus program will take effect. After your computer starts up again, you will see that the Norton Antivirus real-time protection has turned on automatically on your computer.