The updates of Windows are really great as they can keep your computer running in a state which is considered to be the best for your system and it would keep the machine of Windows Vista to be safer from the threats of security. With the help of updating your system you can protect your system from the vulnerabilities and attacks but sometimes it is a great hassle to download all of the updates and the things in the background or when it asks you many questions when you are trying to do some other task or are installing the updates when you are playing some game or doing some other important work. It looks so annoying when there are so many questions asked by your system about the updates and you are disturbed in the middle of some important task.

Things you need

For this you would only need a system which is having Windows Vista installed on it. This operating system would allow you to turn the updates on or off as you want to do. The steps involved in doing this are quite easy and can be done without much technical knowledge.

Getting started

First of all click on the button of start which is present on the taskbar or you can also press the Windows key for this purpose. The windows key is located on the right of the Ctrl key and left of the Alt key of the keyboard. In the search box you should write Windows update. You can also copy and paste it over there for making things easier for yourself. On the left hand side of the window which opens there would be a list of the options available. You should click on the one which is labeled to be change settings.

After this you would need to make some choices. If you are choosing the option of install update automatically then you only have to pick the time which is good for you as well as for your computer to download the updates and then you can install them when you are not using the computer as the updates can be installed in your absence too. If you choose the option of download updates but let me install them then you would only be downloading the updates in the background and you can still use your computer for other purposes. After this when you would be asked to install the files which were downloaded. If you choose the option of never check for the updates then the updates would be never downloaded or installed on the computer. If you choose the option of never check for updates then it is recommended greatly that you should open up the Internet Explorer and then visit the web site of at least one time in a month and the install all of the updates which are labeled to be critical on the web site.

Tips and warnings

It is also recommended that you should never disable the updates of Windows completely as it would be leaving your system open to the security threats and attacks.