In windows 7, the remote desktop feature is one great addition as it enables you to get access to your computer from another computer. If you want to turn it off, it is quite simple and I will be sharing how to do that with you shortly. If you are running windows 7 professional, business or ultimate, you must have come across this feature as they are the only editions of windows 7 that have it. What I noted is that most windows 7 will have the remote assistance feature turned on by default particularly if got your computer from this big companies like I did.

It is “On” by Default

The big computer manufacturers turn this feature on after production so that they can help sort out your PC issues through simple trouble shooting procedures minus having to physically come to your home. The remote assistance call you make to the company will simply be served through a remote access to your PC from their offices.  Whereas that might sound cool and interesting, it is perhaps important to mention that enabling remote assistance can be very detrimental to your PC security. Because your windows 7 can be accessed remotely, there can be no telling who is trying to access your system. The matter is made worse by the fact that remote access to your computer can let in other users via the firewall thus posing a serious security threat. But do not worry, I have shared a way to simply turn the feature off so you don’t have to worry about who is trying to retrieve your system information remotely;

To begin with;

Simply click on the Star Menu tab and maneuver to the “Control Panel” from where you will be able to effect the changes you want with regard to your remote access feature. Once in the control panel window, choose the “System and Security” tab and open it. However, sometimes the computer might prompt you for a password if there is an admin account. Simply enter the password and proceed with the task at hand. From the System and Security opened window, you should be able to find the tab “Allow remote access” just under the System title. It is easy to see as it is in plain sight.

To Turn it Off

From here, just check the box besides the tab “allow remote access to this computer “off. You have just turned remote access feature and all that remains is for you to simply hit the “Apply” button to effect the changes you just made to your remote access settings. Once you hit the apply tab, the remote access feature will be turned off and what it does in essence is completely disable the remote access assistance firewall pass from your computer.

The benefits of remote access assistance cannot be denied but the security risk the feature can pose to your PC requires that you are carefully. That means sometimes you will have to turn it off as you cannot tell who is trying to access your desktop via the firewall.