With the increasing popularity and usage of laptops and other mobile computing devices, people have started working even while they are on move, or even if they are on vacations, or in some other place. It is again not only about their work or job but it is also about staying in touch with their family and friends. To stay in touch with your office, family, or friends using your mobile device all you need is an Internet connection. Such a kind of Internet connectivity is possible by the new trend of communication device called as a Data Card. Data Card is actually a USB device which sends and receive wireless signals to and from the wireless Internet service provider and keeps you connected to the web. Your connectivity, signal strength and the operating speed of the connection always depend where you are and how far the broadcasting antenna from your data card is. These data cards have a console of their own and there it stores some basic and very simple settings related to your data card and your subscription.

Connections provided through a data card are always of dial-up kind and you would need a telephone number to dial to, a user name, and a password for authentication yourself. Data card is a plug and play device and it can be used on any computer easily because all the software and driver files are stored in the flash memory of the data card and you do not need any other device like CD to install the card. So virtually it is a device that is self installing.

To change the settings of your data card or to tweak it you need to access the properties page of the same, and given below are the common steps to access the properties page of all the data cards. Steps given below are very generic and the settings available on the properties page depend upon the make and the model of the data card.

Step 1: Click on the Start button and then type Control Panel, or click on the Control Panel link if available in the Start Menu.

Step 2: Once the Control Panel window is open click on the Network icon to open the window which will show you all the Network devices.

Step 3: Visibility of your data card in the Network Devices window will depend upon its presence and its complete installation on your computer. So make sure that your card is properly installed before you could see it in the Network Devices window.

Step 4: Once you have your data card’s icon in the Network Devices window right click on it and then select Properties in its context menu.

Step 5: Now click on the Configure button and in the new window which will appear is the place where you can make the fine tuning of your card. Here you can update the drivers, modify the power options etc.