Earlier Viruses and infections use to hide themselves in some executable files for entering into the computer systems but now some Viruses and Trojans can easily access your computer. These viruses and Trojans not only get installed automatically but at times they make you pay for their installation. Many users do not know how easily they can install such infections on their machines and end up paying extra money. These new breed of viruses pretend themselves as if they were Anti-Virus software and they run the same way. They scan your computer, show the files which are infected, and then says “You are running a trial version. Click here to purchase”. You won’t believe that many users actually end up paying for viruses. They don’t come to know about such viruses from their conventional Anti-Viruses or Firewall as it gets disabled by the disguised infection. One of the most widely spread virus of this kind is the “Antivirus” which already has released its various versions. Latest version of the Antivirus named Trojan is Antivirus 2009 and its removal is very difficult because it’s new and your authentic Antivirus would not have the definitions for the new virus. Even if your authentic Antivirus is updated still it won’t work as it gets disabled by the Antivirus 2009. In this post we will discuss some methods by which we can remove this Trojan and keep are computers clean.

The first method is to keep your computers Antivirus updated. Though the chances for it to capture the Antivirus 2009 are bleak but still if it detects it then at least you can respond quickly before much damage is done. The next step would be to identify if your computer is actually infected. The symptom is that an unknown antivirus application named as Antivirus 2009 will load automatically and will start scanning the hard drive without your action. It will show you numerous threats and will ask you to purchase the complete version. Once you see such a screen, close all your applications and reboot your computer once. Now open Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel and look for any application named as Antivirus 2009. If it is there the first thing to be done is to uninstall it. After removing it start your computer in Safe Mode. This can be done by starting the computer and pressing F8 to get the advanced boot options and selecting Safe Mode. The Antivirus 2009 is likely not to run so you can try running your authentic security program and scan the computer. If you are lucky this step would eliminate the problem else proceed with the other steps.

Reboot the computer in Normal mode and open the Task Manager. Under the processes tab in Task manager look for a process named AV2009.Exe. Highlight it and kill the process tree. After killing the process open the registry editor by executing “regedit” command in the Run box. In registry browse to the following keys and remove them. “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Antivirus” and “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Antivirus”. After removing these keys reboot your computer again in Safe Mode and scan the drives using your authentic Antivirus program. Now your program would be able to completely remove the infections and any left over of the Trojan Antivirus 2009.