Antivirus programs are the utility or applications which help users to keep their computers safe from any virus attacks. These programs keep check on the major vulnerabilities and keep scanning your computer from time to time for virus and spyware removal. There are so many companies which provide such software to remove virus from computer and CA is one of them. Computer Associates has been in the antivirus business quiet sometime now and they have been providing virus removal solution for home and business users quiet effectively.

EZ antivirus is one of their antivirus programs, which is old now and CA has discontinued this product. The program can still be used to remove any threat from the system but there will be no update available for this particular product. Cyber world is full of virus and hundreds of new virus and spyware are floated everyday and an outdated antivirus program will not be able to detect and remove these new threats from the system.  The solution is to install a new and updated anti-virus program or upgrade to another anti-virus program provided by CA.

If you are going to purchase and install any new anti-virus program then you must need to install the older EZ anti-virus application as two anti-virus applications can create conflict in the system, it can also consume high system resources and make your system performance very poor.

Here are some of the simple steps to remove EZ anti-virus application from your computer:


From the very bottom left hand side corner, click on ‘Start’ button to launch the programs and tools menu. The same place is represented as a simple circle in Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system with Windows Logo in it which works as a start button.


Once the pop-up list is loaded, click on ‘Programs’ menu where you will find a list of programs installed in your computer. From the list, click on ‘Computer Associates’ and then select ‘EZ Antivirus’ and select the option ‘Uninstall’.


Now it will ask you to click on ‘Next’ which have to click. Click on ‘Next’ again. This will initiate the un-installation process from the uninstaller provided by the manufacturer.


Finally it will remove the EZ antivirus application from the system and it will ask you to finish the process. Restart the computer once so that the changes can be represented in the Start menu and registry.


Once the system restarts, go to the same place to see if the EZ antivirus is listed under programs list or not. If not, then the program is removed from your system. You might also need to remove shortcuts manually from your computer.

These are very simple steps which are used to remove EZ antivirus from computer. User can also use Add/remove programs to remove any application from the system however one should always use the uninstaller provided by the manufacturer.