Incredimail XE is a desktop email client program for Windows and competes with web and other desktop Windows email client programs. The popularity of the Windows Vista operating system has meant that a lot of programs are available to run on the platform and while they may serve some useful purpose, they may not be entirely compatible with the software environment.  Not all software is created to very high standard and users may find themselves running into a spot of bother with incompatible software.

Why use Incredimail XE?

Many users have grown accustomed to Incredimail’s desktop email client running on Windows XP. They may have since moved on to Windows Vista which is Microsoft’s successor to Windows XP, and for the sake of continuity they tried to install Incredimail to the new operating system. The old releases have turned incompatible with this version of Windows as people later found out. Even later versions of Incredimail XE which were supposedly targeted to Microsoft Vista are buggy and unstable. Users wanting to uninstall Incredimail XE have also run into problems as the process is not error free. Users have found to their horror that they may have unwittingly taken up more trouble than they bargained for especially in light of many other stable alternatives.

How to uninstall Incredmail XE ?

If you try and uninstall the desktop email client the conventional way, it is quite possible that you may have already run into a wall. Incredimail XE is not yet compatible with Windows Vista, so the way to get rid of this software is via the Windows registry. It is essential to be logged on as administrator since this not doing things the way they were intended to be done. It is assumed that you know what you are doing and you may end up with a corrupted registry and an unworkable system. Go to Start > Run, type in “regedit” and click OK. It is better to back up the registry by going to the “File” tab and clicking “Export”. This way the registry can be easily re generated in case something goes terribly wrong. Once a back-up has been saved to the computer click “Edit” and then “Find”. Enter “Incredimail” and wherever a match is found, right click and delete. Keep clicking “F3” and remove all occurrences. If there is some entry that says it can’t be deleted, right click the key and select properties/permissions and give your permission.  If you have removed all occurrences successfully you may now remove the back-up created earlier. It is important to re-emphasize that as you remove entries from your registry be very careful as you removing some of the entries can harm your computer.