You can remove McAfee antivirus from your system either automatically or with the help of uninstaller tools which you can download from the Internet. Let us first see how to uninstall McAfee Antivirus using add/remove programs.

Go to “Start” menu and scroll the “Control Panel” and click “Add or Remove Programs” and select “McAfee Antivirus” from the given list of programs. Click on “change/remove” and depending on different McAfee versions it will ask you to “modify”, “remove” or “repair”. Click “Remove” and uninstalling of the program will start. It will take some time and once it is done it will ask for restarting your computer otherwise you do it by yourself to complete the removal process.

If you can’t uninstall the McAfee using the mentioned method then you can also try for some different uninstaller tools to remove the software. Let us see how to uninstall using MCPR software. Download this software and save it to your computer. Close all the McAfee applications and stop the services then click on MCPR tool to start it. It will give you dialog box, click on “Run” to run the tool. The removal process will start and once it is done it will prompt you to restart the computer. So once you restart you can’t find McAfee Antivirus on your system. If MCPR displays Red Cross signal during removal then it indicates that removal process is incomplete. It appears when registry entry can’t be deleted. The view log will shows all the items which needs to be deleted from registry.

So now you need to delete entries manually from registry. Open the registry editor by clicking “run” in “start” menu and typing “regedit”. Before you start manually removal do not forget to take back up of your registry. Open the registry editor and click “export registry file” from the registry pull down menu. Select “all” in the pull down menu and save the registry to your system. If any problem while editing registry then later you can restore the registry by using this backup file. After taking back-up you can go for deleting the registry entries which you found in “view log”. You need to remove McAfee, VirusScan, Vshield, Network associates, safe & sound, Helix, VSHINIT, Alogserv.exe, Avsynmgr.exe, Scan32.exe, McLogEvent, McUpdate, McShield, NaiFiltr, NaiFsRec and some values from registry. Let us see the steps for removing all these keys and values. In registry editor screen, click on my computer, then click on edit pull-down menu and click on find. So find dialog box will appear, there you need to type the above keys one by one. Delete all the occurrences of these keys and click “Ok”. Repeat the same steps for searching all the keys and values which are mentioned in the “view log”.

After deleting registry entries manually remove all the shortcuts for McAfee VirusScan from desktop, start menu. Also remove McAfee VirusScan folder and restart the computer to complete the removal process. In this way you can uninstall McAfee Antivirus from your system.