Nowadays we find that society has a greater dependency on a wonder machine called computers. Computers have actually turned a part and parcel of our lives today. We long to get all our work done with aid of a computer. It has actually brought the world under a mere click of a mouse. But these computers mainly remain a threat by the malicious software developer who peek in to our computers throw a threat called “Virus”. These viruses are actually a destroys our PC therefore hindering the functioning of our computers.

Let us now talk about any remedy to them; yeah we have a bundle of prevention methods. One of the most widely used methods is of Anti-virus softwares. Symantec’s Norton is amongst the top in terms of Anti-virus software.

Let us also pen down to Macintosh computers by apple. These computers are mainly in lime light because of their special features. One of the features is drag n drop feature of MAC which makes removal of files from our operating system very simpler and easier. But do keep in mind sometimes this drag option may not helpful to uninstall software from your PC like some of its bits and parts may prevail even after the removal.

So, how can you un-install Norton Anti-virus from your MAC Operating system without leaving its remain behind. It is quite easier and as follows:

Step one

Ensure that your MAC system has “AppZapper” downloaded and installed in to it. Well, if not, then you can simply download the “AppZapper” from the official software’s website like and follow for installation.

Step two

Once the software is downloaded, you will be then required to install the latter on you system. You can simply double-click on the DMG file and follow the instructions by agreeing to the license produced on AppZapper by clicking on “Agree” tab. Thus, AppZapper volume will then posted on you desktop.

Step three

Drag the AppZapper icon which you find by double-clicking on the AppZapper volume on you desktop and icon must be dragged in to the windows of your desired Application folder. Bear in mind when you will click on the Appzapper it will produce a warning saying you are allowed a maximum of 15 uses before you purchase it.

Step four

Drag the “Norton Anti-virus” icon in to square which you can find in the centre of AppZapper application. All you will have to do is to open the Applications folder of you MAC OS.

Step five

Once you do so, AppZapper will produce a list of files associated with Norton Anti-virus and you will be required to check and uncheck on the files you desired to remove from your system. Then to trash the selected files you will be required to make a click on the “Zap” tab of your AppZapper application.

Step six

Keep in mind that, to complete the Norton Anti-virus un-installation you be required to “Empty the Trashcan”.

Thus, removal of Norton Anti-virus or any other program from MAC becomes a piece of cake with the help of AppZapper.