If you have downloaded a trial version of software or are you no longer is interested or wanting to work with particular software, you can always delete or uninstall the program in your Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. Uninstalling or removing programs that you no longer use is essential so as not clutter the space in your hard disk, and also this keeps your computer clean and tidy. There are several ways to uninstall a program in Windows 7.

Uninstall from Programs and Features

Programs and Features is a new name to Add and / or Remove Programs previously used in versions of Microsoft windows. In Microsoft Windows 7 it is the name of the main file / folder where you can add, remove or edit all programs that are installed on your computer. To access the Programs and Features, you need to first click on Start button, which is on the bottom left – hand corner of your task bar; you can alternatively just click on the Windows button the desktop, which is the button with the Microsoft Windows flag on it. Once the pop list menu pops on the screen click on Control Panel. The Control Panel opens a new window and here there will be several things listed, look for Programs and double click on it. This is lead to the next page where you will find Programs and Features; double click on this too. This will open the page where you can Add or Remove the programs that is installed on your computer.

Uninstall function in a program

Most programs when you install today, creates a file for itself under programs, which supports a unique function to uninstall that particular program. You can access this by again clicking on the Start button on your desktop or from the keyboards windows button key. Here click on All Programs, in the new pop list look for the program that you were looking to uninstall, locate the program and this should pop another new list where you should get an option to uninstall the program. Click on it and most times you will be warned to ensure if you are certain about uninstalling the program, go ahead with the confirmation and this is fully remove the program from you computer.

Ensure proper uninstall

If you have chosen Add and remove program, locate the program and click on it this should give you an option to uninstall or else right click on the program and you can delete or remove it. What ever option you have chose, ensure you do not disturb the process of uninstall because, even if you may no longer find the program in your computer, it could be sitting dormant in some part of your computers memory.

Always restart your computer, even if the uninstall program did not advice you to do so. This ensures no temporary files sit on your computer and you can be assured that you have removed the program. Also ensure the particular program you want to uninstall is not essential for your Windows 7 operating system’s regular functions.