The latest version of the System Security ‘rogue’ software is the System Security version 4.51 that can find its way into your computer through an infected website or a Trojan posing as a video codec. Just like the other versions of this software, it sends frequent updates on your computer saying that it is infected with viruses which in actuality do not exist. Then it further prompts to your purchase the entire System Security version 4.51. If you are tricked into buying, you are at a greater loss as the fake scans do not stop; on the contrary the computer gets exposed to new threats.

Instructions to remove System Security version 4.51 files


It is often suggested to remove these files manually as it completely removes all traces of the software; and a step by step procedure is fairly easy to follow.

Deleting the files in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7:


Step 1: Click on the ‘start’ menu button on the desktop taskbar, and then click on ‘Search’.

Step 2: A speech bubble would ask you, ‘What do you want to search for?’ after which you click on ‘All Files and Folders’.

Step 3: In the search box, type in a System Security version 4.51 file and then select ‘Local Hard Drives’

Step 4: Click on ‘Search’ and delete the file once it is found.

Stopping the System security processes:

Step 1: Click on ‘start’, select ‘Run’, and type ‘taskmgr.exe’ in the space provided in the command box. You can alternatively open the Task manager Window by pressing the Ctrl, Shift and Esc keys together.

Step 2: Select the ‘Processes’ tab on the top of the window, and look for System Security’s latest version processes.

Step 3: Right click on the processes once you have found them, and then select ‘End Processes’. This would enable you to kill System Security version 4.51

Deleting the registry keys:


Step 1: Before editing the registry, you should always back it up. Click on the ‘start’ Windows menu and click on ‘Run’ for a box to appear. In there, type ‘regedit’ and click on OK to open your Registry Editor. If you have a Windows 7 OS, click on ‘start’ to type ‘regedit’ into the ‘Search Programs and Files’ box.

Step 2: The Registry Editor will open with two panes on either side of the window. While the left side lets you select different registry keys, the right side shows the values of the registry key that you select.

Step 3: To find the required registry key, click on ‘Edit’ and select ‘Find’. Type any of the System Security version 4.51 registry keys in the search bar.

Step 4: When the key appears, delete it by right clicking on it, and selecting ‘Modify’ followed by ‘Delete’.

If the above steps are not enough in removing the System Security version 4.51 software, you can download and install any of the famous utility software like Spyware Doctor to assist you further.