Symantec is a leading antivirus and security software manufacturer which has been providing computer and network security to home and business users for quite a long time.

Symantec’s major security brand is known as Norton. Norton internet security is packaged software which comes with firewall and antivirus security. Firewall is basically a program which is used to monitor the networking and internet activity on a computer or a on a network. It keeps track of the entire incoming and outgoing request and blocks malicious requests to come onto your network on computer. So, you need to have an extra firewall and Norton solves this problem for many users by providing firewall security with Norton Internet Security software package. It is known for high level of security but it is also very problematic as it also blocks some working applications and websites. Apart from it, the Norton Personal Security firewall also consumes a high amount of memory usage and makes system performance very poor.

Users can configure the firewall in a way that it does not block certain websites or application by adding the exception in the Firewall console but you might not know that how many websites or application a firewall can block, so many user either try to disable the firewall or remove the firewall from their system to get rid of such problems.

Here are some very simple steps to remove or uninstall the Norton Antivirus firewall:


First of all you need to click on ‘Start’ button and then open the ‘Control Panel’ console from the pop-up list.


This will open a new Control Panel window with all the operating system utilities and tools available on your computer. Select ‘Add/remove programs’ from the list.


‘Add/remove programs’ is the place where it shows all the installed application on your computer and it also allows you to repair and remove any installed application. Try to find Norton Personal firewall application in that list. Highlight the desired program and select ‘Remove’ to uninstall the application. It will ask you to restart the computer once after the Un-installation process is finished. You can click on ‘OK’ to restart the computer or can skit as well if you need to perform some more steps.


It is also very important to delete all the relate files and folders even if the application is uninstalled. You need to open the Programs files and folders under ‘My Computer’. Search for the folder named Norton Personal Firewall and delete the folder permanently.


Now select the ‘Search’ option from the Start menu and type the search criteria as ‘Norton Firewall, and ‘Norton Personal Firewall’ and delete all the found result. This will remove all the traces of Norton Personal firewall from your computer.

This completely depends on the user’s choice if he/she wants to keep the firewall on computer or not. It is not necessary to remove the firewall if user knows how to use and mange it.