Many people think that Windows Vista does not meet their requirements and therefore have to uninstall it. The uninstalling process is not designed for those who are faint hearted. It is essential that you keep a proper backup before initiating the uninstallation process. It is very likely that you will experience hard drive complications if care is not taken. Generally, it is considered better to upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7 or to shift to Windows XP. The rest of this article will walk you through this process.

Uninstalling Vista

This guide is only for those who have a double boot configuration in their system, which includes a Windows Vista install and a Windows XP install.

It is worth reminding you again that before commencing any further, make sure you have the back up of your system with you.

Run the Windows XP install, and run your installation of VistaBoot Pro.

There will be an option to “Manage OS Entries”. Click this option and later choose the option of “Microsoft Windows Vista entry”. There will be a ‘delete’ tab at the bottom. Click delete. You will be asked to confirm whether you want the deletion process to commence or not. Confirm the deletion process of Windows Vista from BCD Registry.

The next phase is the deletion of Windows Vista from BCD Registry.

At this stage, you can easily close the VistaBoot Pro. Go back to the desktop, open “My Computer” with a right click and select “Manage.”

A new window will open with an option of Computer Management tool. There will be menu visible on the bar seen on left side. From this list, click “Disk Management”. This will lead you to a list comprising of all the partitions you currently have. Click the option where the Windows Vista is installed. Choose “Format” by right clicking on the partition you have selected.

You will be given the option of choosing a new name for the partition in the Format window. Furthermore, you will be able to amend other settings. This includes the file system and the allocation of the unit size. It is preferred if you go for the default settings for these two options. Click Ok to continue further.

There may be a case where you do not have enough time to wait for the formatting. If you need this process to be finished as soon as possible, then you can do a quick formatting as well. Mark a check on the box of “Perform a quick format.” Click Ok to proceed.

A window related to a warning will pop up. Click OK to get the formatting process started.

This process will not last more than few seconds or few minutes for a quick format and a normal format respectively. The time taken for the process depends on the partition size and the type of formatting you have chosen. Once the process has ended, you will not see Windows Vista on your computer.