The operating system of Windows Vista can act complicated at time and when it is about unlocking the computer which is protected by a password then things would not be this simple. In the Windows Vista operating system, the only method through which you can unlock your computer is with the help of wiping the whole hard drive for restoring the default settings of the computer. When you restore the default settings only then you would be able unlock your system otherwise not. The whole process of the recovery should be done for the sake of unlocking the computer. This is quite boring as well as tedious task but you can easily do it in an adequate amount of time. The things that you would need would be your computer and the recovery disc of the manufacturer.

Rebooting the computer

You should put in the recovery disc into the CD ROM drive of your computer and then turn off the computer and turn it on once again. As the computer reboots, press the option of F12 on the keyboard for the sake of booting the recovery disc. After this run the process of recovery and then click on the radio button which is present on the left hand side of the screen of the recovery in order to choose the recovery process which is recommended on the screen.

Recovery configurations

With the help of following the prompts you would be able to complete the whole recovery process. Click on the recommended settings for the configurations of the recovery that are provided by the recovery disc. Do not change or alter the settings or the options that are available to you and are provided by the recovery disc. An indication would be shown on the screen of your computer as the completion of the recovery process is successfully done. Choose the new password for the computer so that it should be protected. When the recovery disc is redirecting you to the initial startup of the Windows Vista operating system then you would also be prompted to configure the personalized settings of your computer. You can easily choose the customized settings which you like. As the welcome screen appears you would be asked to choose whether or not you want to have a password. You can proceed with the steps as you like. You should choose to enter the password and confirm by typing it one more time. Click on enter for the processing of the password.

Important tips

Whenever you are going through the process of recovery you should always have a backup of your files. You would lose all of the files which are present in the hard drive of your computer if there is no backup. If you are using a laptop then try to keep it charged when you are going through this recovery process for making sure that there are no interruptions. Also, you should never lose your password in the future times with Vista. There would be no way of unlocking your password if it is lost. The recovery disc of the manufacture is one important part of this unlocking process.