From the time immemorial the birth of Internet has altered things at a greater pace and has given birth to a new electronic world. The Internet helps you to send your letters any where within a fraction of seconds. But, in the modern era of touch screen one can not only send emails but also can go for video conferencing or sending short messages using a small computer called the “Mobile Phones”. The internet world is not only a wonderful era of emails, chatting, blogging, and surfing or purchasing but also an era which has many tracking system adhered to it. The tracking system helps one to trace those spammers who continuously infringe by sending illicit emails and loading our in box with unwanted material. The IP address which is actually Internet Protocol is just like the address of your computer from where you are sending the emails or blogging. The IP address not only helps to track the address of your computer but also aids by letting you know the location of the computer from where the email was posted.

But can you hide or unlock your IP address?

Can you prevent others from tracking your computer or IP address?

Yes, you can do all the above by simply following some easy instructions to achieve it and resolve your dilemma.


Step one

Before proceeding any further you need to find out a proper proxy website. You can find one by simply typing “proxy website” in any search engine and you will get a list of websites in front of you to tackle with. However links to some of the popular proxy websites are, and http://thunderunblock.infoetc. The websites mentioned before hand are amongst the most popular proxy websites available. The proxy website is like a gateway for you to enter in to the world of unblocking or hiding the IP address.

Step two

Then you are required to make appropriate changes under the proxy settings of your computer and you can find the proxy settings by right-clicking on the “Internet explorer” icon or any other web browser icon which you can find on the desktop of your computer screen. Access the “Internet options” tab and then click on the “proxy” tab and under that section make settings like check or un-check the desired settings you want to have. You can click on by enabling the cookies or disabling them and then you can also maintain the level of security like Local Intranet or other settings.

However, settings can be modified or changed according to requirements of the individual or needs of an individual.

Once you are done with the above steps, you can now browse internet and one can not only browse internet behind the proxy server but also can have their IP address hidden now.