Today the Internet has made this world a global village. The first Internet technology was only limited to boundaries of our homes thus making it difficult for us to access it anywhere and anytime. But with the introduction of Mobile broadband technology the portability of internet connection has increased widely. Broadband connection is also known as wireless wide area network or WWAN in short. It gives us high speed for surfing the net. Any region which is susceptible to GSM or CDMA cell phone service can render the services of Mobile broadband connection. Mobile internet allows you to access internet while on the go.

Sometimes while working in a hurry we may click on certain things instead of something else and this may lead to lock down of your Mobile broadband connection. It may put us in a fix as internet is a huge part of our life these days. Follow these simple steps to unlock or unblock your Mobile broadband connection.

A PIN when enabled leads to lock down of your broadband connection. As soon as you enable it the connection gets locked automatically. The lockdown happens only after you have shutdown or hibernated your computer or removed the data card from its socket. So as soon as you start your PC again and insert the data card you will find the connection locked and won’t be able to access it.

First step to unlocking your mobile broadband connection is to locate the network sign situated I the notification area. Then right click on it and go into the option given as connect to a network. Select the name of your mobile broadband connection. There will be a option given called connect, click on it to connect to that network. It will ask for the aforementioned PIN. Type in the PIN given to you click OK to activate the connection.

Sometimes the subscriber identity module or the SIM PIN gets locked. This cannot be unlocked with entering the PIN number. The device itself is locked in such a scenario. If you right click on it the computer will show its status as locked. Usually such a situation can be solved by entering the PUK or PIN unblock key. You get this key from the person who provided the mobile broadband provider. Also the process of unblocking will require you to set up a new PIN.

For doing this you have to go into Connect to a Network option by the way mentioned above. If you are locked then status of your device will be given as locked. So right click first on mobile broadband network, then once inside select the Properties option and in it select the security tab option. You’ll get an unblock PIN option select it and enter the PUK number. Check the new PIN number and then finally click Unblock PIN to successfully unblock it. The unblock option isn’t available if your PIN isn’t blocked.