Phone bills take a toll on most people’s expenses nowadays. Many people are turning to the next cheapest solution to this problem and this comes in the form of the Magic Jack. Subscribers are signing up fast for the Magic Jack service because with a price like $20 a year, how could you go wrong? It is a difficult matter, searching for a telephone service that is cheaper than the more popular ones nowadays.

Magic Jack is a wonderful solution because it has the same features as any other services like call waiting, caller ID and others. At that affordable rate, Magic Jack is becoming the most cost effective plan that a subscriber can use year after year. Still, Magic Jack has a problem that most people encounter especially around this period. Since it relies on a computer’s USB port to function, the users must make certain that their Magic Jack has been upgraded to become compatible with the latest version of the owner’s computer operating system.

Windows 7 Users of Magic Jack

PC users have now upgraded from the allegedly unstable Windows Vista to Windows 7. This guide will show you how you can upgrade your Magic Jack so it can work up to its maximum capacity with your Windows 7 operating system.

  1. First, you must turn your computer on and plug in the Magic Jack dongle. The actual upgrade of the software will be unable to function properly if, in case, the actual Magic Jack dongle has already been plugged successfully and properly into one of the device’s many USB ports. It is better if you plug the dongle in the computer before you start to download the upgrade so you can avoid installing the Magic Jack if it is not yet plugged in. In case you forget this, you will be required to install the software.
  2. Go to the Magic Jack web site and start downloading the Windows 7 upgrade. When you want to find the software upgrade, just look through the FAQ section of the Magic Jack web site or you can use the link:
  3. Start the installation of the Magic Jack Windows 7 software upgrade. This will take just a couple of minutes of your time. While doing so, do not pull the dongle from outside of the USB port until the Magic Jack has been successfully installed.
  4. After the installation is done, remove the actual Magic Jack dongle. Just take it out of the USB port and wait approximately 15 seconds. Consider it as a Magic Jack reboot.
  5. Then, you should plug the Magic Jack in. Wait another 15 seconds and then plug in the dongle. Now, you are ready to use the Magic Jack. Try and test it by trying to make a few phone calls.

If ever there is a problem when you are installing the Magic Jack software, just visit their website and use the live chat feature so you can ask the Magic Jack representatives about your problem. They are all skilled and very knowledgeable so you will not have to worry about anything at all.