Microsoft is known for developing products for everybody and keeping the price economical. Microsoft bundles required applications for a particular group of users and varies the price of its suit. For example the Office Student edition has applications which a student would use and has no other application which one can get if he purchases another edition of Office. Microsoft Office student edition does not have Microsoft Outlook in it because being a student the user does not need it. If he or she wants to access mails via pop then the same can be done using Microsoft Outlook Express which comes for free with the operating system. This strategy of Microsoft is really appreciated because suits with less number of applications costs less. But what if you are no longer a student and want to have more applications added in your office suit. You simply can upgrade your copy of office to some another one by paying the difference amount or any other payment mode. Let us see how to upgrade your copy of Office Student edition and add more applications to it.

First of all you need to visit the Microsoft Office website to check which application is available in which edition. For example the student edition does not have Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Access, Microsoft, Publisher and Microsoft InfoPath. So you need to find out the edition which will give you the required component. Once you have decided go ahead and purchase the upgrade suit for the same. The purchase can be done on the Microsoft website directly and you can click on the Buy now button which is under the product that you decide to buy. Clicking on buy now will give you two options like Buy new or Upgrade. Select upgrade and fill in the existing software information if asked. Further enter the payment details and complete the process. This will enable the download link for you with which you can download the software and can install it on your computer.

Once you have downloaded the software you are ready to install it. Initiate the installation by clicking on the downloaded setup file. It will start with the extraction of files and once extracted the installer will begin. During the installation make sure you select custom install and a new folder for installation should be used. This is just to avoid any conflict with the already installed products of your student edition of office. Continue with the installation and finish it. Restart the computer if prompted and now you would be able to use the newly installed application in Microsoft office suit. When you purchase the software you receive an Email which has all the instructions in it. it also has the download link for the software and the product key if required. Keep this email saved in some favourite folder of yours so that it can be used later in case of reinstallation. The same email also has instructions of downloading and installing software which you can take help of if needed.