The Windows upgrade feature is a great feature in itself that lets you have all your current files and folders saved while you upgrade from one version of Windows to another. There are two copies of installations that you can use to get your Windows upgraded: one is an upgrade copy while the other is the full copy of Windows 7 commercially available. Any version of Windows Vista can be upgraded to the next version of Windows 7 in the same class.

Who can upgrade

Anyone who has been using any version of Windows Vista can upgrade making sure that you don’t upgrade to a lower degree of operating system. A Windows Vista Ultimate can be upgraded to Windows 7 ultimate and not the Windows 7 Starter because of the different file structures. For anyone using any other operating system, you need to have a complete custom installation that is completely different from the upgrade as it does not save your current directory structure.

Upgrading to Windows 7

Installing Windows 7 through the upgrade feature available on the installation disc means that you wish to keep the current files and folders on your Windows Vista file structure. You need to make sure of the following details when you get yourself ready for the installation of the Windows 7 upgrade:

  • Your computer needs to be running on either of the Service Pack 1 and Service Pack 2 of Windows Vista for the upgrade.
  • Run a complete system scan after updating your antivirus prior to the Windows upgrade and then turn off the antivirus protection. You need to make sure that you turn it back to on once the installation is complete.
  • You have to look into the installation package for the 25 character long key for your Windows 7 so that you need not to run for that while installing.
  • Note down all passwords for your current Windows to make sure that you make no error while upgrading to Windows 7. The administrator passwords will be needed while the installation takes place.

The Up gradation

Follow the instructions below in order to upgrade your Windows Vista to Windows 7 without losing your data and settings:

  • Turn on your computer using Windows Vista.
  • Locate the setup from the downloaded installation or the Windows 7 Installation disc and execute the application.
  • Use the Install now option on the Installation Windows page. Use the Get important updates for installation page to install all the available updates with the installation. This feature helps you getting up to date installation files for your Windows and helps you protect your computer.
  • Check the check box after reading the License Terms page and move to the next step.
  • You are going to see a question: Which type of installation do you want? Click on Upgrade to upgrade your operating system.

The installation afterwards would be quite simple as you can easily install the rest of it by just following them. At the end of the whole setup, you are going to have the same system with all the current installations and files and folders as you had in you r Windows Vista. You will only be required to update your device drivers to make sure that everything works in complete harmony.