Remote access is gaining popularity day by day because this is the easiest way to work on your computer through a remote connection. You can work on the remote computer just like you were actually sitting in front of it. This technology is mostly used by tech support companies which let their technicians connect to the computers of their customers so that they can easily find, and fix the problem. It saves the hassle of staying over the phone and giving instructions which at times are very difficult for the customers to execute. This technology is also being widely used in offices where people want to connect to their home computer from office or to their office computer from home. In Windows, it can be easily done because it has a built in feature for doing the same and it was introduced in Windows XP for the first time and since then there have been many advancements in this technology. RAC stands for Remote Access Client or Remote Access Control and this is actually a program which allows a user to connect remotely to any other computer over the Internet connection. RAC can be used for supporting other users by taking control of their computers using the Customer Support and Troubleshooting option available in Windows. There are several third party applications available in the market which offer similar or far advanced remote access service but they all are paid services and if you are looking for a free one then RAC is the best bet.

Let us see how to get it done using Remote Access Client in Windows.

Step 1: Your version of Windows should be capable of initiating the RAC requests. If it is then start the RAC Server application. This will also depend upon the Windows level access privileges. Your Windows account should have full rights to initiate the Remote access. So if you don ot have such right then contact your administrator and get your Windows account name added in the list of Remote Administrators.

Step 2: Once the RAC Application is open click on the ‘Add New Connection’ option from the ‘Connections’ menu.

Step 3: Here in the New Connection window, you will be asked to enter the location or name of the computer to which you want to connect. You then need to provide the correct details for the same. Details like computer name, IP address etc should be correct and only then your computer would be able to find the same on the network and connect to it. Along with these details you will also need the username and password for the remote computer so that it allows the connection you are trying to establish.

Step 4: Select the type of service from the ‘Connect Service Implicitly’ option and then click on the ‘Connect’ button. If the RAC services are running properly on both the computers, you can easily connect to the remote computer by implementing these 4 simple steps.