Accessibility options are all being tried and revised in different technologies around the world in order to make technology available to all. There have been certain technologies that have been introduced in the world of Computers today that set disabled, not disabled anymore. This sounds pretty relieving as people around the world have started thinking about the disabled. Windows 7 has made in excellent changes in the Operating system in order to provide disabled with better and quality understanding of technology.

What is it offering?

There are a number of features that you can get with the Windows 7 Accessibility improvements that have been brought in. You can now make your computer accessible to people who have different disability. The first thing to do is to see what it offers so you need to open “Ease of Access Center” that can be available by pressing the Windows + U key combination. There will be a light bulb in the middle of the page with a hyperlinked text “Not sure where to start?” Click on the link and it will start a wizard right away. The best thing about this wizard is that it is going to interview you and your computer will be set up according to the features that Windows 7 has to offer for your disability state.

A glance at the features

There are people around the world who do not feel comfortable with the small text on the computer screen. For such people, the magnifier has been facilitating for quite some time now. The magnifier moves along with your cursor and everything that you scroll seems magnified through the magnifier. The setup also adjusts the resolution of your display device just to make sure that you can read well.

Windows 7 also comes with a screen narrator but that does not seem to be as efficient as the commercial ones available. It will certainly help you read through the windows and wizards but it lacks technology that will enable it to read documents and some windows that are messed up with a lot of content. The best way to get past this situation is to use a commercial screen narrator that will be compatible with Windows 7.

If you do not feel comfortable with the physical keyboard for one reason or the other and the pointing device is better in your point of view; Windows 7 offers you an “on screen” keyboard. You can use the cursor of your mouse to type the text on any window. The predictive text feature is also available with the on screen keyboard as it is available in many of the mobile phones these days. You can easily save a lot of your time while typing text. The feature certainly benefits the people with limited mobility with a great deal as they can type with just one click.

You will have a number of customization option in the Ease of Access Center that will enable you to set your computer in a way that it helps the disabled by a great deal and make their life with the technology a lot easier.