Windows 7 Professional operating system’s various features can help you get you AutoCAD LT 2011 to optimum use by just keeping in mind these key options. Windows 7 Professional is designed keeping in mind better delivery and high performance currently possible to meet your day-to-day business requirements, while ensuring high security and faster output.

Thumbnail previews and jump lists

Windows 7 will have thumbnail windows on its taskbar for all open working files for AutoCAD LT. To view thumbnails of each of your drawing files in AutoCAD LT 2011, simply move your mouse key over the taskbar to preview each open file. This is useful to locate files which you want to quickly access or want to switch from your current drawing file to another or simply want to close old files. Rather than moving inside AutoCAD LT 2011 searching for files, you can easily navigate the thumbnails on the taskbar. With jump lists, you can always have the ten recently opened / viewed / modified files; this is handy when you want to open a recently closed file from you taskbar. To access these files, right click on AutoCAD LT’s icon on the taskbar and this will bring a popup menu (jump list) of all files. You can also use the pushpin option to have certain files always displayed regardless of the recent activity and have the files easily linked as an email attachment or rename or change folders.

Using Aero Snap and pinning Programs

Windows 7 Aero Snap feature can help have split windows while working on two separate drawing files on AutoCAD2011. You can set the two files to the right and left of the desktop and work on it individually; this is handy when you have to refer to two files at the same time and saves energy by not going back and forth. Or if you want two separate programs like viewing emails, while you work on your AutoCAD LT file.  Aero Snap features also allows you to lengthen the window of your program vertically and if you using a AutoCAD tool to draw longer files it is as easy as adjusting the height of your working window. You can also make sure all your favorite applications are available to you via a single click from the taskbar. Once the program is opened, right click on its icon already displayed on the taskbar and choose the option from the list  “Pin his program to taskbar”; this is have your program always listed on the taskbar and launching it every time with just one click.

Backup and Restore

Backup files should be the first thing you need to do as soon as you upgrade to Windows 7; you can choose what program files you want to backup automatically, this way you need not fret if you accidently delete a file, since you will always have a file backed up and it can be easily restored.

Just having all these features in mind you can ensure your AutoCAD LT 2011 is fully utilized better with Windows 7.