Computer maintenance refers to the organization and support of maintaining and repairing of the system. Commonly the applications used for such purposes deal with periodic and regular maintenance of both hardware and software. However, cleaning, maintaining and fixing computer problems can be a cumbersome and expensive task that can take a lot of time. However, there are many latest computer maintenance software applications that can be used for the task without much consumption of time. They are also available free which can save lots of money, thereby resulting in cost cutting.

Installation of AVG Free: The AVG Free anti-virus tool is a very powerful and effective virus scanner. The AVG watchdog toolbar keeps the internet surfing safer and keeps a thorough check on any spam or corrupt application trying to access the system. Once the installation is done, a maintenance schedule needs to be set up once prompted by the install wizard tool. The system is checked automatically by virus scans so one must not bother to do it manually. However, the manual check option is available if the ‘Scan now’ option from the opening menu is selected.

Download Glary utilities: Glary utilities is a very important free ware program that helps to keep the computer performance optimized, speedy and user friendly with the help of its simple to navigate menu options. Once the installation of the same is complete, one must access the main menu, and then select the ‘Click maintenance’ tab. Then a window will appear where there will be a list. The check-boxes corresponding to the list need to be checked and then click the ‘Scan for issues’ tab. Then the program starts scanning the system and once that is completed, click on the “Repair problems” tab. Glary utilities help in disk cleaning, freeing unused memory quickly, clearing cookies and temporary internet files, recovering accidentally deleted software and also creating backups through restoring previous settings.

Setting up Malware bytes’ Anti-Malware: Installation of this program helps to remove intruders in the form of malware and spyware efficiently and promptly. Once the installation is complete, the intitial scan of the hard drive must begin. This may take more than an hour but once it is finished, Malware finds out and detects the problems faced by the system and then they are repaired and fixed. The next time one plans to run the program, one must not run the initial scan but Quick scan which takes only about 7-8 minutes to complete the scan and goes through a complete and thorough check. Although all these software programs assist in keeping the computer maintained and free from malware and virus, one must take enough precautions to avoid having situations which call for the help of these scanners and virus checkers. Thus, applying one’s own common sense and discretionary powers comes into picture. Advertisement banners, suspicious content and downloading from unauthorized websites must be avoided as much as possible.