iHackintosh is one of the leading Technologies for Mac OS, iPad, iPhone, Windows, Linux and other gadgets. iHackintosh is an application that keeps you update with the latest news, guides, contests, application reviews and many more for both iPhone and iPod Touch. Earlier iHackintosh was a web support for iPhone and iPod Touch but nowiHackintosh iPhone application is available. Basically it deals with the hacking of iPhone applications. It’s a great pleasure for all iHackintosh’s readers that first free iPod Touch and iPhone iHackintosh application is now available. You can even install the iHackintosh web app from the NERV repo in Cydia. For this you have to add the following in your Cydia” http://www.cmdshft.ipwn.me/apt/” and refresh the packages. After that make a search for iHackintosh. With the help of this application, you can keep the track of all latest news, guides, contests, application reviews and many more.

Lets us take a look on the sneak peak of this application. Following are some features and functions that iHackintosh will offer to you. On the first launch of application, you will be directed to the Main screen. On the interface of home screen of this application, you have option to choose the task that you want to perform. You can go for any option from all the categories available such as Apple News, Mac News, iPhone News and many more. Apart from that an interesting feature of this application is that you can find a previous post. To find a previous post that you had already read, you have to for previous post selection. You can also use the search feature, available from the Main screen menu. If you like to view all about latest news, you can opt Home or the RSS Feed. They contain the latest’s posts from all of the available categories. For the sake of convenience let us take a look at Apple category. For this you have to click on Apple News. After that you will be directed to the latest posts available and you can choose the post. Apart from this, you can go for other options, while reading the post. To go for more advance options, you have to press the settings button and then you will be directed to different options. Yet another great feature of this application is quick menu feature. To access this feature, simply press the arrow to navigate. From this quick menu, you can quickly access different parts of the application. Let us take a look on a example to clarify it. To get access to any specific category, you can go for main menu or you can go for choosing categories. Furthermore, you can view the number of posts, besides the category name.

To install the iHackintosh application, you just have to add the NERV repo –> http://www.cmdshft.ipwn.me/apt/ <–. After that you have to wait for Cydia to refresh the packages. Now you can search for iHackintosh and hit the install button to begin the installation. After installing the application, you will be able to use all of its features.