The need of laptop is different for different users. One person may work for 6 hours on laptop, the other one may need to work for 8 hours daily on his/her laptop. There is a possibility that a person has to do computing even for 12 hours daily. One can not remain in office all day. The usage of laptop for so long can create hurdle in your work if you have not charged its battery in between.

But now with the advanced technology in this computerized era, you can run your notebook for the whole day without recharging the battery. So as day after day, you are available with much lighter laptops, its improved battery life will be a blessing.

Need for this innovation:

With the globalization and modernization, computers have become the necessity for all entities today. They have made the work very simpler and easier and with this, work efficiency of people has also improved. But you cannot sit at one place in front of your computer daily for completing your work, so laptops entered the markets and catered this problem. But all day computing is not possible as the laptop’s battery also needs to be recharged. So there is good news here for all laptop users that now you can use your laptop for even whole day without power supply to it in the upcoming years because in future, all day battery life would become a necessity for all and not just an added feature.

Items in notebook that can be changed for enhanced battery life:-

  • Processor in the notebook:

Eden is considered to be the father of modern mobile computing i.e. laptop from the time he created the Intel’s Centrino laptop technology, which was the invention of the Core line of processors. He                 always tries to make the notebooks better day by day in order to enhance its efficiency.

Eden has been able to bring this feature of the increased energy efficiency by his feature “hurry up and get idle”. He has made The Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 chips which runs at a vey fast speed which was never there in any other Intel silicon, and the power consumption is also minimized. This speed efficiency helps to boost and give extra life to the battery.

According to Eden, if the chip will do its work at a fast speed and come back to its idle position quickly, it would enhance its performance and would help in extended battery life.

  • Screen:

Only processor is not responsible for power consumption but the screen also pays a major role for power usage. The notebook screens which has LED backlighting will be more efficient in power saving and will give you the bright picture quality as compared to the models which doesn’t have this backlit feature.

  • Hard Drives:

Such a hard drive would be built which would combine a hard disk with high capacity plus a solid memory which will automatically store the data which is most commonly used. This crazy combination of hard disk and solid memory would help to boost the battery life.

  • Operating systems:

Now days such operating systems which are very lightweight are coming which will allow web browsing, music, emails etc all without installing Microsoft Windows.

This way, by making some changes in the items that combine a notebook, the battery would last for long, so long that you can work for even whole day. People would be able to avail this advantage very soon in the next few upcoming years.