MS Office Notes, better known as OneNote, is one of those MS Office gems that are most likely ignored in comparison to the spreadsheets, word processing and presentation creating functionalities of MS Office. The world today seems to be getting more and more tech savvy. The use of technology to create short cuts that make life for the user relatively easy is not just an option but a way of life. Whether the consumer is a student, in the academic environment, who feels the need to do away with the multiple notebook and note taking system or a office professional, who needs to find a more efficient way to put together his/her thoughts in a cohesive manner, the computer can be used most successively to meet these needs. The MS Office Notes seems to be the answer to all these questions and can definitely be used in a way that makes writing of articles more efficient and less painstaking in the academic as well as the professional arena.

OneNote Advantage

MS Office Notes acts as a solitary streamlined primary notebook which is indexed and fixed with multiple tabs that makes movement between topics easier. This allows for a greater flow of thoughts and ideas and does away with the need of rewriting. You can copy and paste the notes that you have previously made to a new ‘notebook’ per se and save your preferences in one place.

Information at Your Fingertips

While writing articles a lot of information needs to be systematically juxtaposed and amalgamated to create an interconnected whole. In order to do this, you will most likely access information from paper based systems like notes you have made previously, rough drafts as well as email message printouts. Cuttings from famous newspapers, video as well as audio recordings may be used. In recent times, digital handwriting recognition has becomes famous and being so easy to use, is another medium of gathering information. Writing articles by compiling information from all these sources can be tedious and too confusing. OneNote steps in here to help you access all this information through the built in software that acts like one huge digitalized notebook. Quite unlike messing about with paper, MS Office Notes offers the user flexibility to analyze gathered information and organize text, photos, videos as well as audio inputs.

With the resourceful and powerful search abilities that OneNote possesses you can search for text located within pictures and segregate words from audio as well as video recordings. Another fantastic advantage of using MS Office Notes to write articles is that, once you are done or even while you are in the process, transfer and sharing of articles is very easy, whether you are working online or offline. The collaborative tools help to synchronize between various teams that are working together.

Using MS Office Notes allows you to tag notes that you deem important so that when you reach the compilation stage, all pertinent information is available at your finger tips. One can also save a format so that you could return to it in the near future if you need to replicate the format of the article.