In the modern world, there is an increasing need for people to access specific software related to specific industries. In the past, this was not much possible because software licenses were linked to a particular machine. However, with the help of Orion, companies are now able to access the data from any machine. At the same time, it also protects these licenses with the distribution of activation keys when a user logs in to the application.

Orion and its uses are now being applied across different industries. This is now well known to prominent personalities like Martin Crisp (CTO, Blueprint Software Systems) and Satish Lakshmanan (Director of Product Marketing for the Host Systems Group, Qlogic). While the former stated that his company was very happy with Orion and it has been easy to administer, the latter felt it was a feature-oriented, smooth and automated solution.

Instructions to use Orion to protect software licenses

Particular configuration of Orion that best suits one’s software licensing needs to be chosen carefully. There are 3 configurations available i.e. a Network License Server, a Software License Activation Server and a License Key Distribution.

The activation keys are distributed to clients through the distribution server. The process is automatic which saves time and clients don’t need to make calls to activate their licenses. It also helps to create records of client specific information and sales.

The license activation server is used to enforce each user’s license specifications. Using the password, end users can anytime download their software license keys. The limitations of use are recognized immediately once a client logs in. This is so because Orion ties a particular license to a specific user, as against a specific computer.

Orion’s database can be used to analyze and track the customer’s usage. This database can help in finding out how often the customer relocates his license. This can additionally assist in creating a more individualized license and different types of license models must be supported. Orion has the flexibility to support four types of licenses which are usage-based licenses, perpetual licenses, weighted licenses and subscription licenses. License revocation can also be managed with Orion.

Floating licenses on the Orion license server should be managed. One can enforce and set user limits as long as the end user’s network has a Java capable platform. Then the user, by managing his allowed and disallowed user groups through the network, can restrict access internally to floating and concurrent licenses.

Applications on both UNIX and Windows are protected by licenses. Source code can be found in both Java and C/C++ and can also be ported to different programming languages.

Orion database in protecting software licenses has proved to be very useful. Not only is it pretty straightforward and simple to install, it is also very smooth, flexible and reliable.