Microsoft Exchange Server is one of the collaborative applications that has been authored by Microsoft so far. The Exchange Server provides you with services that include email, calendar, contacts and tasks. You also get support on multiple subjects through the Microsoft Exchange Server. Microsoft Exchange server can work perfect with the integration of this with Outlook express.

Setting up Outlook with Microsoft Exchange server

Outlook can be used to set meetings, memos and announcements for organizations publicly. This enables the software to act as the notice board of your organization without the chance that any employer might get up and say that he didn’t see the notice board. You need to manage public folders with the help of Microsoft Exchange for this purpose and this way you will be all set to use this feature. The public folders can be of two types. One kind of public folder can be created for everyone where there is no restriction on who might have a look at them. Another type of public folder is an administrator managed public folder that can be used for particular employees of an organization where it will be not visible to all the employees in the organization. With the help of Exchange console on the email server, you can easily create public folders. You need to make sure that you follow some simple steps and this can be set up completely giving you a perfect channel to communicate within the organization.

Instructions on how to do that

To create a public folder using Microsoft Exchange, follow these instructions below:

  • Open the “Start Menu” and select “Control Panel” from the list. Once control panel is opened, double click “Administrative Tools” and when administrative tools screen is opened, double click on the “Exchange Server” icon.
  • Double clicking on the Exchange Server icon will open the “Exchange Console”. When the exchange console is opened, click on the “Toolbox” icon. In the “Toolbox details” click on the icon that is labeled with the text “Public Folder Management Console”.
  • Click on the button with the text “Open Tool”. When you click it, a window will open which is the “Public Folder Creation Window”.
  • In the Public Folder Creation Window click on the “Tree icon” which is labeled with the text “Default Public Folders”. In this window, select the option of “New Public Folder”. Selecting this will open a new window where all the configurations related to it are set.
  • In the “Name” text box, enter the desired public folder name which you wish to create. In the next step, select the path where you wish to keep the saved files on your computer. Clicking on the “New” button will create a new folder with that name. Click on the “Finish” button on summary page.

Close the exchange console and now you have the shared folder ready for access from your selected privelages.