Windows 7 is certainly a combination of many of the exciting features that are getting you more functions to facilitate your experience. The programs Steps Recorder is more like a miracle integrated in Windows 7. This feature helps the help desk and support engineers as well as software developers by giving them a clear picture of the bugs and errors that persists in the program. You get to know the problem ticket in details and can easily remove the error. The people dealing with support might find this to be an excellent feature while diagnosis an alien behavior.

Using Problem Steps Recorder

The Problem Steps recorder helps you to capture all the steps that you perform with a specific program as well as text descriptions of how you did it. You can easily get this thing to an expert for analysis for the solution of your problem. You will not be able to record the text inputs so you need to make sure that you use the comment feature to highlight any text input that you give. The application even has certain limitations with programs that are running in full screen modes.

Record and Save Steps on your Computer

You can easily record and save all the steps on your computer at the very first place by using the Problem Steps Recorder. Locating The Problem Steps Recorder is quite easy as you just need to type PSR in the Search box in the start menu. Click in the application and then Start Record in the application. Move ahead and follow the steps with the program that was causing an error previously. Once you are done with the program and have everything recorded for evidence, you can use the Stop Record button to stop recording. Save as this file and this would save the file with the .zip extension in your computer. You can view the file in your Internet Browser once opening that from the zipped compilation.

Send the Problem in an e-mail

Once you are done with the recording, you can send the zip file in an email to anyone who is providing you with support. You can even locate the file on your hard drive and attach that to an email and send it to anyone who seems to sort the issue for you.

Annotating Problem steps

You need to start the recording in the same way as explained above. Whenever after a specific step, you wish to add comment; you can easily press the Add Comment button and add as much of the comments as you want. Use the cursor of your mouse to point area that you wish to comment on and you can type the text in the Highlight Problem and Comment box. Once you are done, press OK. And then Stop Record when you are done with the complete recording.

Adjust settings

You can use the Settings button within the application to make changes about the way the program reacts. You can easily change the Output Location and the program is not going to prompt you once it will be required to save the file. You can avoid the screen capturing of your private information by selecting No in the Enable Screen Capture menu. You can even increase the number of screenshots saved or even decrease them while the default is 25.