Features like ReadyBoost, ReadyDrive and Superfetch were introduced in Windows Vista. Vista was launched in year 2008 and was ReadyDrive enabled but there was no hard drive which could use this technology. ReadyDrive is a technology which works only with Hybrid Hard Drives. Now what is a Hybrid Hard Drive? Hybrid Hard Drive is a Hard Drive which has conventional magnetic platters to store the data but also has flash drive embedded in it. The flash drive area of the hard drive works as superfecth for the hard drive and results in very quick access of data from the hard drive. This happens because read and write speed from a semiconductor memory (flash memory) is very-very high than the time taken by conventional hard drive.When you put your computer to hibernate, the entire RAM content gets saved on the hard drive and it loaded back when you start a hibernated computer. Just imagine how fast your computer will boot if your computer’s hibernated image resides on the flash portion of your hybrid hard drive. It really will boot instantly. It will not only be the case of hibernation but will decrease the read write for any file or application. Your computer’s operating system will dump the necessary or primary information into the flash portion of hybrid hard drive and will use it whenever required instantly. Hybrid hard drive will also reduce the battery consumption of your laptop because hard drive will rotate only in the event when some data which is not in the flash would be required, otherwise it will stay idle.

Seagate the leader in Hard Drive manufacturing industry has recently launched its hybrid hard drive and since Vista is already equipped with this feature so such hard drive can be used on it directly without any other software or hardware change. The new hybrid hard drive launched by Seagate is named as Seagate Momentus XT and it comes in capacities of 250 GB, 320 GB and 500 GB. Each of these models has a 4GB of Solid State Memory (SSD/Flash).

There is no change in the methodology used for connecting hybrid hard drives and they can be connected in the same way we connect other kinds of hard drive. If it has to be done on a Laptop then please take help from a technician because it is not advised to open your laptop yourself. If you wish to connect it through a USB cable then follow these steps: First insert the hard drive into an external hard drive connector which will let you connect it with the USB port and will also power the hard drive. Second plug it into the USB port and you will see that Vista will detect it properly and will start installing the device drivers for it. Third you will be prompted that the hard drive is installed and is ready to be used. That is it. Wasn’t it simple?

Hybrid Hard drives will really start a revolution in this technology and we will soon see many new models coming which will be more fast and more power saving.