Microsoft Power Point is a part of Microsoft Office suits. It is used for graphics, animation and presentation. Uses of colors, flexibility for adding graphics, type of font and easy variation of size make it very attractive. Nowadays college student found more interest in PowerPoint based lectures then traditional lectures. Schools are also discussed to use the technology as it is an effective instructional tool. Power Point is developed and designed to make computer slide show presentation. For played across projectors and for shown to the large number of audiences these presentations are primarily designed. If you have Encyclopedia PowerPoint presentation then depending on your need there are multiple ways you can use the file. The PowerPoint helps you to deliver great ideas, sales summary and business thoughts in the way of presentations.

With Microsoft Power Point, use the presentation (Software):

As part of office 2010 download Microsoft PowerPoint. To begin setup double clicks the downloaded installer. To start the program click “Start” tab after this press  “All Programs” button and then “Microsoft Power Point”. Click “File” and “Open”, find your Encyclopedia PowerPoint presentation select it and then click “Open”.  Click the text boxes or images if you want to edit the slide show and edit it with your choice. To start the slide show press “F5” on your key board. Now on your computer you can view it. You can display the slide show using the projector or other external monitor.

With PowerPoint view 2007, use the presentation (Freeware):

From Microsoft download center download PowerPoint viewer 2007. To begin setup double clicks the installer. To open the viewer click “Start”, “All Programs” and “PowerPoint viewer”. Search the Encyclopedia PowerPoint Presentation, then select and open it. You can watch the PowerPoint presentation in your computer screen or plug in a projector or external monitor if you want to show it to more people.

With Power Video Maker Professional, use the presentation (Shareware):

At first download the power video maker professional then begin setup double click the installer. To launch the application double click the icon on the desktop. To convert the presentations into other format use this application. So without PowerPoint you can use the slide show. Locate your Encyclopedia PowerPoint Presentation by clicking “Browse”, then select and click “Open”.

Designate an output folder after clicking the “Browse” and then “Output folder”. Based on your needs select a “Video Resolution”. Select a quality type and a “Preferred Video Format”. Use a higher “recommended” quality setting if you want to use the slide show on your computer and if you want to see the slide show online then select a lower quality. To begin the conversation click “Start”. Then your PowerPoint file has been converted, once it is converted, you can able to upload it online as well as you can use it in any video player or library.