Computer is the type of machine that enables you to bring the best out of everything in this world while there are instances where you lose everything that you have. Such stuff might include your files, contacts, essential documents and even Email messages stored on your system. Such error does occur while using any of the Outlook 2002, Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 on your computer when you lose every of your email. But there is nothing impossible in the digital world and there are subtle chances that you can get all your stuff recovered easily.


There is a preset tool called the Inbox Repair Tool that helps you recover all your messages within Outlook version 2002, 2003 and 2007. You can easily get your Personal email folders as well as offline folders recovered in case you have lost them. The complete process is a three step one where the first one is to diagnose and repair errors. Make sure that you opt to show all the hidden files and folders as well in order to find for all the backed up pst and ost files that show all the personal email folders as well as offline folders on your system. Once you find your pst and ost files, search for the file Scanpst.exe. the file is expected to be in either of the Office folder or the Common Files folder.

On finding the Scanpst.exe, you can execute this application and locate the pst file that has information about all the emails that are present in your Personal Email Folder. Once located, the application would itself look out for all the files and folders that would possibly be included in the directory storage. On Start, the application would start recovering all the Emails in the storage unit. Once you are done with all this process, you can restart to check it if all the files that you were looking forward have been recovered.


The next step is to move the recovered emails into the repaired ones to move into your personal folders in your new profile. You can create a new personal folder in your profile to make sure that you have the right place for all the essential stuff. Create a New Personal Folder File with the pst extension through the wizard that comes up once you select the option, on the formation of the new folder, you can easily drag all your lost and found emails to the new folder. There is a strong chance that this alone would help you get your job done, but still, if you encounter any other issue, you can move on to the third step that is recover repaired items from backup files.

You can turn the .bak extension of your personal email folder to .pst by force and use the import and export feature within Outlook File menu to get the details stored in the backup file be placed up in the personal folders. This would enable you to get all your emails in the lost personal folder recovered in the way that you want them to be.

Nothing is impractical in the world of computer; all you need to do is to get to the right place to get the right information.