With MS office our approach towards writing, presentations, entry books and software developments has changed to a great deal.  MS office offers a bundle of such kind of programs which are not only helpful for us but also easy to tackle with. MS office contains programs like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power point, MS publisher and MS Access etc. All the programs hold an immense help in each n every field of interest of people but, when it comes to maintaining a complete detail about something which is a lot in number, we need tables, columns and rows to work with. An MS Excel is the best option for this. MS Excel has by default made rows and column which is more than a 65,000 in a single book of it. This is very helpful to maintain the details about employees of a company or a number of student’s report card for certain exam.

MS Excel offers a bunch of options and ways for its users to tackle with their current requirements like formatting the rows n columns and increasing or decreasing the width or length of rows n columns in a book of an Excel sheet. But, amid these functions MS Excel’s HLOOKUP is one of the most radical entities in it.

What is the definition for MS Excel HLOOKUP?

It finds or skims for specific value in the top most row of a table or a combination of values. It then returns the value searched in the identical column from the row you specified in your sheet or the selected rows. The feature of HLOOKUP (Horizontal) can be used to compare the values that are located in a row amid the top of sheet of the entry and you long to look downwards for a specific rows number. The feature of VLOOKUP (Vertical) can be used when you long to compare the values that are situated in the column to the left of the stored data and, you long to find it.

Before proceeding with the instructions make sure you have an MS office installed on your system with an MS Excel.


Step one

HLOOKUP (Horizontal Look Up) example:

The HLOOKUP formula in any cell searched for the value in the cell specified by you. Suppose you are searching words with “DO” as their initials in to any specified row of the 1:3 range and returns the value lets say in the column K where again the words initiating with “DO” are situated and word may be “Donald”.

Step two

HLOOKUP function:

The search made will look for the words with initials “DO” and the search for it will rather take place in first row of the mentioned range. The word with initials “DO” will be searched up in row 1st lets us. The row where the searched data is located for HLOOKUP function will be then shown.