The tool of cutting can take complete screen, separate window, any rectangle or free form “the cuts” of your screen and open this in the editor. There you can illuminate the parts of and draw this with the free knob of the form of different colors, thickness and give tip to styles. For the rapid view on the tool of cutting, see. Some of that in order to take after jump.

  1. Cutting the interface of the nonpayment of the tool
  2. Select your type of the cut
  3. To take the cut of the free form
  4. Results of that cut in the editor

While the tool of cutting – enormous improvement according to the built-in abilities of XP, for the energetic of screen grabbers, this still experiences deficiency in several key possibilities, which our favorite, SnagIt of actually includes as the calculated seizures both a change in the dimensions of image and trimming. But as soon as to you they established prospect, the price of all new special features, which the tool of cutting proposes, it is correct – it is special for the random of screen grabber.

If you have basic prospect, you have incorrect release completely all around. Examination in all differences between other releases of prospect is not easy, although some places actually propose to help you to compare special features. But prospect, itself has a special feature, which can help: Open control panel and begin Windows, at any time they modernize. In the base of window, the flick compares versions for the components, which corresponds your aroma of prospect against those that you can modernize k.

If you have a version of prospect besides domestic basic, you already have a usefulness of the seizure of the screen of the tool of the cutting: Select beginning, all programs, equipment, cutting off tool. If you do not see this there, this cannot be given to the motion. Go into the control panel and open program and special features (to you, probably, it is necessary to click to programs first). In the glass of task to the left, the flick includes special features Windows or away. If necessary, flick continues when caused by user control calculations. You will examine the list of special features, verify box next to PC of tablet additional components, and press OK. Start of these special features gives to you not only the tool of cutting, but also the group of the entrance PC of tablet, periodical Windows, and other connected with the feather special features. This puts aside several steps, in the comparison [s] they print screen, and proposes more possibilities than only seizure of screen or active window.

In order to obtain access to the tool of cutting, you will be must set in motion PC of tablet additional components. Yes, odd place in order to place this universally useful usefulness.

  1. Go into the control panel
  2. Click on the programs
  3. Look according to programs and special features
  4. Select include special features Windows and away
  5. Check the box PC of tablet additional components
  6. if you use a classical idea of control panel:
  7. Go into the control panel (classical idea)
  8. Click on the programs and the special features
  9. Select include special features Windows and away (from sidebar)
  10. Check the box PC of tablet the additional components