What is Tablet PC Input Panel?

Before the discussion regarding usage of Tablet PC Input Panel in Windows Vista, you should know about this term in detail. This is an accessory available in Microsoft Windows with which the text can directly be entered on screen by using a pen and digitizing tablet. It can be said as an on screen mouse or keyboard as it has got a touch screen feature. The main feature which makes it special is its recognition of handwriting performance. The character pad or writing pad can be used to convert the handwriting to the text typed with this. Currently the languages which it supports are English, Chinese, Korean, German and some others also. The on-screen keyboard can also be used to make an entry of characters with the help of Tablet PC Input Panel.

Windows Vista offers the advanced support of Tablet PC Input Panel as it has some added features which help it to enhance the performance by identifying inputs entered by pen and capable of providing the better data entries.

Procedure to use the Tablet PC Input Panel in Windows Vista:

First of all, start your Windows Vista. After logging in, the second step is to start the Tablet PC Input Panel which is on the left side of the screen by default. If the TIP is enabled on the taskbar, start it from there or   it by double clicking its icon by your mouse or pen. Any application you use in Windows such as Excel, Word or Web Browser, you have to place the cursor in the data entry field of that application. The position of TIP can be changed by dragging it anywhere on the screen. The other configuration settings can also be accessed by choosing “Tools” and “Options” after that. There are three parts in TIP viz. a writing pad, a character pad and a keyboard. On the Writing Pad, freeform writing is used which reflects the text recognized by it on the line just below it. On the Character Pad, characters are entered which also reflects the text recognized. The Keyboard which is on screen one reflects a standard QWERTY layout. .Any one of this can be accessed by selecting the tab which contains it. Enter your text over there.

At the right side of every input method, some shortcuts are available which should be utilized because they help in recognizing the most suitable data for any particular application. This can be understood by an illustration. When any Internet address is typed in a browser, the web shortcuts add some important text such as www, .com, http: etc which are written before or after any URL automatically. There are number of gestures available which deletes the handwriting and recognized text in the Writing and Character Pads that should be used. Some of the gestures are strikethrough, a Z- shaped gesture, angled scratch out etc. There is a text correction area which is available in this TIP which helps in editing any particular word or letter. If you choose any recognized word whose spelling is not correct in the recognition panel, then it will open the correction area. If the correct word is available from the list of the word recommended, select that word. If you want to make any correction, then make the change by pen by either writing it again or by choosing the word from the drop down list .To delete the text in correction area, use the button “Delete Text”. Select “OK” when you are through with it. At last, the text is sent to application. Select the “Insert” button for sending it if it is there on Writing and Character Pads. Now as the buttons on the keyboard are pressed with the pen itself, it enters the text directly.