Have you ever thought that how youtube works or thought that how do you listen to the radio over internet? These are silly type of subjects to think but yet they are useful and knowledgeable. Youtube and some other sites like these are used for video blogging are common now a days but nobody realize the way there provide the service. Window media player also have option for the internet streaming. You can watch video and listen to radio on the window media player.

Internet connection:

It is must for the internet streaming that you must have a net connection. You can avail the service through any internet service provider. If you already have an internet connection and it is accessible then the task is too simple to handle.

Window media player setting:

Go to the start menu then in all programs and click the window media player.  If the window media player is on the “now playing” mode so put it in the library mode by clicking on the library button located under the titlebar. Here you will see a small button of stream. Click that button and then click on the “Allow internet access to home media”. A window will appear with the title of “internet home media access”. On it click on the allow internet access to home media. Many a time administrator makes some restrictions to the internet access therefore it will prompt for a password of administrator. Enter the password and click the OK button. Now an internet home access window will open. Click on the link on online ID. Provide the link of the video or music you want to listen and you are done with it.

Simple steps to kill the bird

Since windows media player is backed by the biggest personal computing company so it definitely has more options then other software. The best thing is that is preloaded in windows so you don’t have to install it by your self. Another advantage of using windows media player for streaming purpose is that most of its files are very small in size but with high quality and any one can download them easily.

You need to follow these few steps to stream your videos via windows media player:

  • Choosing a format:

There are several different formats that windows media player supports but try to choose such format which is most common of all and it is WMV file format.

  • Create a video/audio file:

Now after choosing the file format next thing that you need to do is to make a video the best way to make a video is to export your clips from external files into this file. You can do this from your editing applications. Once you go into this application you will find an option like File>Export, once you go into this option you will find several different methods that are available to you.

  • Place the files on a web page:

Now you are only one step away from your video streaming process that is to put your video on the internet. There are different ways like hyperlinking or embedding.

  • Hyperlinking:

Hyperlinking is a simple process with which you can put your video easily on a website but this method also has some disadvantage as you will not be able to determine about the play back time of the video.So this is the reason why many people use embedding.

  • Embedding:

This process can place the video file inside the webpage. There is a very good advantage of this process that user don’t have to open media player or any other software for viewing the video.