Just like many cool features on Windows 7, gadgets is a feature that contains mini-programs like your favourite weather checker, photo album, various desktop programs. Basically, it is a space for you to access the most frequently used handy tools.


Windows 7 Gadgets can store information and tools readily accessible for your use.  Like, if you want to skim through daily headlines and rather than going to the news website, with gadgets you can have it next to your currently working program and have the headlines streamed via a tiny gadget window display layered on top of your working window.  And if you spot a headline that interests you can click on it and the gadget will allow the link to be opened on a web browser.


To open the gadgets menu, right click on an empty space on the desktop and select gadgets. Once the menu is opened you can see what items are already inside the list. By default there will be Clock, slide show, to do List and view headlines.

To add a particular gadget to your desktop, right click on the gadget of your choice and choose the options – Add, move , always on top (to ensure the gadget appears on top of all your opened programs), opacity, Options (options vary from gadget to gadget and is essentially to manage the functionality of that particular gadget), and finally close gadget.


Gadgets can easily be added or removed and as easy as it is to add a gadget, it is equally simply to remove a gadget. Here I will cover three frequently used gadgets functionality, the clock, the slide show and the news headlines viewer.

The option function, especially under the View Headlines can be used to ensure the display for most frequently updated headlines from various website news source. The news supply feeds are know as RSS feeds, syndicated content, or just news feeds. Once you are connected to the Internet, click on the gadgets button of View Headlinesand activate the various news feeds available from the options; by default View Headlines will not show any news.

The Clock is handy when you want to track time zones from two different Continents, it be done so easily by adding an additional clock to the existing list of gadgets, and via the options menu set the time, date and zone that you desire and have either or both on display on top of your working programmes.

Finally the Slide Show gadget makes it easier by viewing photos and changing the source of a photo stream, which can be easily be updated through the options of the Slide Show gadget.  You could also control the speed rate of the slide show,  and the transition effect between pictures  from accessing the Size option by right clicking the slide show gadget.

More interesting gadgets are available to download online from the Microsoft website.  The function is a really simple to use and is created to both enhance the user functionality of Windows 7.