I have used windows 7 for some time now and I must admit the operating system was made with the user in mind. The level of experience and the interesting new stuff that comes with it stands out as it’s fairest in the competitive OS market. With windows 7, using your computer has been made easy as possible. It gives you more time to do your work efficiently as you can easily maneuver between functions with great ease.

In that regard, I am talking about keyboard shortcuts for applications in windows that makes using it seem like child’s play. As long as you know your Windows tab, you are as good as halfway to mastering the powerful shortcuts that make life using windows 7 all the more easier.

The Shrotcut Keys

For starters, I will explain some basic screen functions that will amaze you. I am talking about the minimizing and maximizing function. Called the “docking” effect, you can put windows to any side of the screen by dragging it to whichever side you want.  It gives you great flexibility as you can have more than one window open. To achieve the above using Keyboards shortcuts, simply employ the following shortcuts to effect the change you want;

Windows key + Right arrow = Move window to right side

Windows key + Down arrow= Minimize screen

Windows key + Left arrow = Move window to left side

Windows key + Up arrow = Maximize screen

Tomake the whole experience even better, use the combination arrow key +windows key to randomly move from one side of the screen to the other, whether up or down or sideways left to right etc.


if you want all your program screens to be placed at one point, windows task bar does it for you by simply aligning similar programs together. For instance if you have two word documents open, windows 7 will put them at one location. You can access them by simply guiding your mouse there and clicking. Other than that, clicking and dragging on icon brings up a menu, another powerful short cut. Called the “Pull up bar,” it brings you menus for various programs the moment you click and drag on an icon. The number of displayed items will depend on the program you have clicked.

Quick Programs Access

For a much better and simple way of accessing your programs, holding the shift tab and clicking on an icon lets you open more than one request for a program. For instance, for instance, if you want to open more than one browser page, simply hold the shift tab and click on the browser icon for multiple pages. But if you want to access a program as the PC administrator, use Control+Shift+click on the icon for the program you want to access with admin rights.

But you can as well quickly access programs from the programs menu on the taskbar by simply pressing the windows tab and the number of the program you want to access; Windows tab+ Program number. It is as easy as ABC.