There are many speech recognition software available in the market and they let the users to use there voice to give commands to the computer. They allow the user to speak anything and the same gets written on their text editor. Is this not a power full application because it saves you from the tedious job of typing and increases your productivity speed. The speech recognition software in the market is quite expensive but has been a success because price is nothing if you really want it for doing your work. Microsoft also has created its speech recognition software and it comes free of cost. All you need is a copy of Windows Vista and you will get the speech recognition application built in, and then you just have to spend some time on it for customising it and configuring your voice into it so that the computer understands your voice and your voice commands.

To start using or setting up the speech recognition software in Windows Vista open the control Panel and then click on Speech Recognition Options. When this window comes up you will see options like set up microphone, start speech recognition, training etc. As a first step open the Set up microphone option. This will help you in connecting the microphone which you will be using for speaking and just follow the instructions there to set it up properly. Next step would be to make your voice understandable by the computer. This can be done by clicking on Start Speech Recognition and since you are opening it for the first time so it will start with the training sessions. Go through the training and speak what gets displayed on the screen. Be clear while you speak and make sure that in future when you use this application in real environment that you speak with the same speed and pitch. It is good to go through the training session in a room where there is no noise. Once you are done with all the configuration and training sessions you are all set to use it.

To start speech recognition go to the same place in control panel and start it. It is again recommended that you use it in a noiseless environment because if your microphone is quite sensitive then it will try to translate the background noise and will give you garbage text. To turn off the speech recognition just say “Stop Listening”. While speech recognition is on you need to speak the same way that you spoke while the training sessions. If software is not able to identify a special word then you can say “Spell It” and the spell the word so that it can correctly interpreted. It is good that once you get a hand of speech recognition you retrain it time to time depending upon your rate you speed and comfort. Speech recognition is just like a child and you are the teacher. Do not panic when it does mistake in typing what you say. Be patient and correct it and with time you and your speech recognition software will start working in unison