Many organizations have begun to allow as well as encourage telecommuting by letting their employees work from home. If your company offers this option, you can use your mobile PC to work in the comfort of your home or any other location.

There are certain tips that need to be followed along with the tools to be used for this purpose, to ensure that there’s no hindrance in keeping your productivity as high as it would be in your office.

The necessary tools

To telecommunicate effectively, the following tools would be required.

Internet access: Having an Internet access is most important as without it, whatever work you do would be useless. Most people who prefer to work from home have this facility and have an Internet access either through a Cable Internet, DSL or Satellite Internet. A DSL uses a special modem and ordinary telephone lines for providing an Internet Connection however it does not interfere with the telephone use. Cable Internet on the other hand provides Internet through the use of your local cable TV line and satellite Internet is used in scenarios where a DSL or cable isn’t available in an area. However a satellite Internet service is expensive compared to both of the other alternatives.

Computer: A computer can take the form of either a desktop computer or a mobile PC like a laptop. For the purpose of working from home, you may need to add some additional software for accessing the company’s information and be aware of the security encryptions and passwords.

A private space: It is essential to locate your computer in a place where there are no distractions that interfere in your work. An efficient, safe and healthy location with easy access to not only your computer but also other means of communication like a phone line and reference materials is required.

Communication tools: While telecommunicating, make sure that you have the means to contact your peers, superiors and subordinates for sharing information, taking and giving orders at all times. Your e-mail and phone number must be given to all those people whom you have to deal with regularly. An IM or Instant Messaging service, similar to Yahoo Chat can also be used to be in touch with important updates.

Few tips for staying focused

Apart from limiting distractions that can affect your work, try to start working at the same time as you would at your workplace. The number of work hours should be at least the same, to ensure maximum productivity. Also, the work that needs to be done should be appropriately planned, while deciding whether it would be better suited to work from home or otherwise. You should also take small breaks to keep your mind fresh by going for a lunch break or a walk outside.

Despite the advantages of working from home, it is not for everyone. However, if you are a highly motivated individual who can practice self-discipline under all circumstances, you can reap the rewards of working effectively from home or any other place.