YouTube came up with an experiment back in June that was demanded by a number of users around the world. This was a video editor integrated with the browser that was supposed to run on the server side of the website. All you were required to have was just Adobe Flash Player and nothing else to run the video editing software. Through the video editing tool, users were allowed to make minor changes to the video files that they were editing as well as they could stitch several clips into one complete compilation.

The tools do not have many of the high tech features present in all the different video editing tools available around the world. It is perhaps the simplest one of all of them. But this has given people with real slow machines an opportunity to run their video edits with no issues. The process will all be streamlined as if there would be no issue in it.

YouTube also provides users with the official guide to move through all the process to make it easier and manageable for you while you can still continue to do a lot. It guides you in all the coherent steps so that anyone can use the feature. YouTube claims that even your granny can do the edits even when she does not know how to use the different applications on your computer.

Using the Video Editing Tool

The video editing tool on YouTube is quite easy to use for someone who is a starter dealing with video editing. The main processes involved in the video edits include:

Upload: You will need to put your desired video on the YouTube server. The upload process is quite simple as you can have an “upload” link on the very homepage of YouTube. You will need to sign in to upload videos on the server. You will further have an option to list your video or keep that private. Follow the simple instructions and upload the video to the YouTube server.

Arrange: You will have the arrange option in the TestTube section of YouTube where all the edits are made. Once you are going to enter the option, you will see all your videos sorted out in the chronological order. The videos that you want to edit can be moved to the “my videos” section on the timeline. Drag and drop your videos from the main collection. You can even use the plus icon with the thumbnail to move your video to the working area. You can put your mouse over the thumbnail to see what the video contains without looking at the complete version.

Cut: You can make the necessary edits on your videos by simply cutting them. You can even slice the video into several parts and trim it according to your requirements. You can have a total of seven clips in the working area of your editing and anything beyond that will be dealt with later in the editing. The scissor icon helps you cut the video to your desired level and you can use it precisely to cut accurately.

Audio: You can adjust the audio of your video or you can even place a nice sound track in the background while your video will be on the play in the front. You can even remove any audio on your video if you wish for.

Publish: The edits are all done; you can now add title to your work and move ahead with the process. YouTube is going to take some time to make all the necessary edits that have been registered by you so that you can move ahead and use the videos in future.-