We all have loads of images and pictures in our computer. It is simply next to impossible to find someone who does not have images stored on to their computer hard disk. Whether those are mobile phone uploads or a downloaded images, there are unquestionably loads of them in the computer. Even though you may have stored them as recognizable file names but looking out for a particular image file sometimes becomes quite difficult. You may find it difficult to track the picture you want to view just by the file name. Especially when you are attempting to upload the images on Social Networking websites like Facebook, Twitter or Myspace.

It may be really frustrating to open each picture, find the correct one and then upload it. To get rid of such issues the windows indeed provides a great way out. Thumbnails are a feature of windows with which navigating to the required picture files becomes easy.

What are Thumbnails?

Thumbnails are actually a small preview or a snap shot of the larger picture. With the help of thumbnails you get to know what all images are stored in your folder. It makes it easier to scan all the images. You need not open all the images and see which one you actually need. You can have the preview and then click to open the one you want.

Windows also provides facility to print thumbnails. With this utility you can make out few thumbnails of selected pictures and then print the thumbnails only. A lot of time this technique is used by the photographers to provide the snapshot to their customers. They call this printed sheet of thumbnails as contact sheet.

Setting Thumbnails

In Windows you can easily set the view of the files in a folder as thumbnails. With the folders which are loaded with many pictures the thumbnails is indeed the best way out.

1.       To set thumbnails, simply open the folder in which the image files are stored.

2.       On the Windows tool bar, select on the ‘View’ button to see images in the thumbnails mode.

You may also set size of thumbnails view through the slider next to the View button. You may also print the thumbnails in form of contact sheet as per requirement.

For windows 7, do this:

1.       Simply select the Start button and then select on the picture to open your pictures library.

2.       Select all pictures that you wish to print as thumbnails.

3.       Keep on pressing ‘Ctrl’ key if you want to select multiple images.

4.       Select the ‘Print’ option from the toolbar.

5.       When the print pictures dialog box opens, make choice of paper size etc and then by selecting the Contact Sheet option and then select the print size as desired.

By following these simple steps you can print thumbnails of your images with great ease. You can thus make use of thumbnails options to view image files with ease.